Hot Christmas, Jacking Cars and Unemployable People

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[saf] It’s Christmas time! Why not get away from the snow, put on your bikini or your board shorts, and hit the beach? Our travel guy walks you through his version of a HOT Christmas. You also hear about some of the stupidest things people do during job interviews, and which vehicles are most wanted by car thieves today and throughout history? More on this episode: The Sony Hack, Flacco-Gate, North Korea without Internet, the Zombie Nativity Scene, the Fed Ex truck with the back open, the office party slip n slide, R.I.P. Joe Cocker, important Keurig recall, no really, it’s important because the machines could disfigure you for life! More: The Badass Santa, FDA adjusts it’s ban on blood donations from gay men, and Casey Kasem is still dead but finally at rest after 6 months.


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