Love Your Boss

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love your boss

The Boss!

October 16 is National Bosses Day. Are you friends with your boss? Do you have the boss from hell? Dr. Kevin Mays offers tips you can use to get a head without brown-nosing. Jane Fonda did what with Michael Jackson? Manny the Movie Guy reviews Bridge of Spies, Goosebumps and Crimson Peak. Chris Martin has a Lamar Odom update, this day in Dodgers history, the subject that beat the Jeopardy genius, move over pizza rat, meet pigeon attack rat, is there a doctor on the plane? Back from the dead sushi! Plus Phil wonders why people in Nigeria drink more Guinness than people in Ireland? Men and Women chose either sex or food. Which would you pick? The kinky zoo-keeper love triangle. And finally, the most common things we are afraid of.


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