Pumpkin Spice Mac n Cheese

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stop with the pumpkin spice already!

Pumpkin Spice Mac n Cheese

Everything has pumpkin spice flavor this time of year…beer, latte, even mac n cheese! The “Bikini Boss”  tells us how to eat pumpkin spice to our hearts delight without guilt. Plus Matt and Debra Trusela give us some of the top signs you should call off your wedding. And Travel Guy Gary Warner extols the virtues of British Columbia. Gonzo Greg Spillane and Chris Martin joins Phil with these topics: the guy who bought Google.com for $12! No more nudity in Playboy Magazine, Bud’s buying Miller, cubicle brewers, What do Democrats, SNL, and Aerosmith all have in common? Giant pine cones! UBER getaway car, Christopher Columbus love, K-Mart Radio, Michelle Duggar’s advice to women on how to keep their men satisfied, What it means if you drink black coffee, the top 10 things people steal from hotels, and finally, who runs faster, a T-Rex or a human?


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