Mammo Madness

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Mammogram Guidelines

Mammo Madness

On today’s episode of Phil Hulett and Friends, Dr. George Flinn explained why the Government’s mammogram guideline is a bad idea, and he urged women to sign the petition at World renowned handwriting analysis expert, Doc Grayson makes some astonishing findings about Brooke, Chris and Phil after analyzing their handwriting. Travel Guy Gary Warner explains why, even with El Nino and terrorism, now is a great time to book a cruise. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the weekend releases and his number one pick is a movie you probably have never heard of. Plus: You only know a few of your Facebook Friends, hoverboard refunds, NFL Divisional playoffs, Planet 9, Snake Bite Man, Underwear Man, Tinder STD Test Finder, Road Kill Kitchen, the top 10 things our bodies do to humiliate us, the most common wardrobe malfunctions, and finally, the anatomy of the male urine stream.


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