The Great Hot Dog Debate

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Eric Mittenthal from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council settles the question: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Plus, 20 questions about hot dogs and sausage.

Chris Martin Almost Died, Mrs. Ray Rice, and iPhone 6

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[saf] When Chris Martin recently called in from Interstate 10 in Arizona to report on the torrential downpour and massive dust storm, we had no idea he almost died moments before he called. Why he waited, we’ll never know, but listen to him recount what happened on this show. Our tech guy give us a preview of the iPhone 6 …

Social Media After Death, Haboobs and Haggis

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[saf] Yes, they are called “haboobs.” Plus who in the world would want to eat haggis? How to make arrangements for your social media footprint in the event you die. You can run to the top of a tall building for charity. ┬áThe Home Depot data breach. Body language no-nos. Woman with dog collar forced to live in cage. Mom …