Episode 297 Part 4 – Hotels with Ties to US Wars

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[saf] Travel Guy Gary Warner talks about hotels that are linked to the US Revolutionary and Civil Wars, World Wars I and II, and the Vietnam War. Plus a house call app that’ll bring a doctor to you. And are the Lakers better without Kobe? This bite-sized chunk of Episode 297 is sponsored by Aquasana. Check out this episode!

Uber El Niño

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[saf] It’s coming. An El Niño so big, Phil Hulett calls it ultra, mega, uber El Niño, HD. Listen to what one of the world’s foremost experts on El Niño has to say about what we can expect. Plus, author, Cynthia Copeland talks about really important stuff her kids taught her. And Manny the Movie Guy offers his Top 10 Movies of 2105…so far. Ted …

Gardening, Languages and Scarlett Johannson’s Thighs

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[saf] Nothing like the holidays, right? That’s why we talked December gardening with Nick Federoff, why it’s important to speak at least one additional language, and which parts of Scarlett Johannson’s body need some work. Plus Kim K Kropped her Kid, the greatest Christmas Tree ever, the law in Texas let’s you do this to the neighbor’s dog, kids love …