Episode 302 Part 2 – Making Your Resolutions Stick

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[saf] Dr. Akram Alashari explains why you fail at New Years Resolutions each year and what you can do to make them stick. Plus, what’s in the package? Alexa fail. The wine and odor repellent shirt. This bite-sized chunk of episode 302 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode!

Episode 291 – Dreadlocks, Wine and the Colonization of Mars

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[saf] English professor and author of the book, “Twisted: My Dreadlock Chronicles,” Bert Ashe responds to a federal court ruling that says an employer can fire you for having dreadlocks. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Deepwater Horizon, Masterminds, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Queen of Katwe. Travel Guy, Gary Warner offers quick, nearby destinations for that last minute …