What the $275 Billion ATT Time Warner Merger Means for You

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New Age Ma Bell Merger


AT&T Time Warner Merger
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[20:45] The AT&T Time Warner merger just past a big legal hurdle and will more than likely become reality soon. What will it mean for you? Fewer choices and higher prices? Certainly Merger and Acquisition expert, Brad Whitlock knows a thing or two about this merger. So he explains mark why maybe this time the Fed should leave “Ma Bell” alone.

Incredibles 2 Review

[40:14] Up next, Manny the Movie Guy assigns a rare, 4 out of 4 kisses for one of this weekend’s new movies. Which one does Manny “love, love, love?” Is it Incredibles 2, Tag or Superfly? Tune in to find out.

Action-Packed Stuff

It’s a packed studio of co-hosts today. Joining Phil Hulett are the host of the Ducks n Pucks podcast, Mike Walters, Rock n Roll singer, Kellie Sue Peters, and the host of The Brave Ones podcast, Olivia McLeod. check out this stack of stories: Would you wear a wedding dress made of THIS? What’s with the stupid wardrobe choices in the Jurassic Park series of movies? Phil wonders if Hollywood just can’t shake outdated gender roles. We know a talented clarinet player who found out the hard way that his girlfriend is a self-absorbed, conniving idiot.

Here’s another reason you never need to leave your house. Now Alexa can be your fitness buddy. While you are watching your weight, how about lo-cal alcoholic popsicles? One young woman may have had one alco-push-pop too many after getting her head caught in one of these. Meet the record-breaking donut boy. A pizza delivery chain goes above the call of duty to make out streets safer, and ever the skeptic, Kellie Sue can’t help but smell the corporate greed over the altruism and marinara sauce.

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How Does Manscaping Work?

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Manscaping is what again?


Pic by Milotze

That’s exactly what Phil Hulett wants to know. How does manscaping work? You know, is there a technician who gets “in there” and removes all that hair from your most intimate of places? And what if, well, you know. Kelly wants to know why men are doing this anyway?

Tech for Dads and Grads

Tech Expert Steve Greenberg checks in with great new tech gifts for grads and dads. How about a tech idea to make grilling easier? Steve’s got one. Check out his classic book,

July 4th Travel Destinations

Enter Travel Dude Gary Warner with the best spots to celebrate the 4th of July. Is it possible to find a great spot without getting crushed by the crowds? See if you agree with Gary’s choices. And which spots have a historical connection to America’s independence?

Fast Food Wars

Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kelly J join Phil Hulett in the studio for co-hosting duties. Burger King launches a new secret weapon into the fast food wars. Not to be outdone, KFC issues a vegan response. Then there’s the guy who barely survived one of the worst rattlesnake bites ever. We have a hot felon update for you. Who’s more likely to miss work, moderate drinkers or teetotalers?

What? No Bikinis?

Parents, listen up. Now you can skip the middle child and have a robot draw on your walls! All heck breaks loose when it is revealed the Miss America Pageant will not include a bathing suit competition! God had other plans for a mass baptism. And finally, the obituary for the mother from hell.

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NBA and NHL Champs, RIP Anthony Bourdain

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NBA Champs Tonight?

Last night the Washington Capitals won the NHL Championship, tonight the Golden State Warriors (will) win the NBA championship. TV reporter Matt Prichard checks in from Washington DC with commentary, including his speculation on LaBron James’ next move. And by the way, You get a free taco! You get a free taco! You get a free taco!

RIP Anthony Bourdain

We are sad to report Anthony Bourdain died in France of an apparent suicide at the age of 61. The friends recount their favorite Bourdain moments and contemplate what pushes somebody to take their own life. On a lighter note, today is Best Friends Day. Further to that, between Phil Hulett, Gonzo Greg Spillane, Kelly J and Intern Ricky, guess who doesn’t have a best friend?

Movie Reviews

Manny the Movie Guy checks in to not only review Ocean’s 8, Hotel Artemis and Hereditary, he has a point of view on fashion. When Phil asks Manny what he thinks about long chest hair cascading over the top of a t-shirt collar, Manny responds resoundingly.
We have more stories! Careful when selling your photos to stock photography outfits. You never know where your face is going to end up. Kelly reaches a conclusion about humankind and self-driving cars. Plus, how to spot a narcissist across the room. And finally, the couple who stole a TV from a pawn shop and then pawned it AT THE SAME PAWN SHOP!

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Adult Inoculations and Voodoo Doughnuts

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It’s time for your Inoculations!



Adult Inoculations
Pic by huntlh /

Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz makes a house call [11:29] to make sure we grown ups know which inoculations we’re supposed to get. Phil Hulett thought he was covered for life when he got shots as a kid. But no! Not only are there new inoculations kids, there are several for adults. Further, there are shots you need for travel, and shots you need if there’s a new baby coming to the family. This is “need to know” stuff.

Sports Fans Caught on Video

Next up, Fox Sports Broadcaster, Kent French talks [30:21] about his search for interesting, passionate sports fans in the parking lots of ballparks and arenas for his new social media video series, Frenchy’s Friends.

Voodoo Doughnuts

And National Doughnut Day would not be complete without a call [44:01] from Cat Daddy! Who is Cat Daddy, you ask? He’s the co-founder of Voodoo Doughnut where the tasty treat is taken to, as the kids say, a whole nother level. Included in this conversation is the real reason we should not call doughnuts “donuts.”

More Stuff!

Phil Hulett brought a stack of extra stories with him. How about a Rotondo update? Tax social media use? If totalitarians can do it, why not Washington DC? Phil explains what a screamer is and how J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers has probably lost his voice from screaming. A new study proves why people with these are smarter than everyone else. There’s a new medical glove that eradicates bacteria. Who’s gonna play the Penguin in the next Batman movie? The world’s longest non-stop flight takes off in July. Thanks to Rosanne, suddenly we like Pharmaceutical companies. And finally, ban-happy bureaucrats in the UK think Tony the Tiger is to blame for childhood obesity. Maybe comfy chairs are more dangerous?

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