Geeked Out on Star Wars, Thomas Fire

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Geeked on Star Wars!

Geeked Out on Star Wars

Geeked out on Star Wars Photo by SaeLoveart

This is a busy half of the final new episode of 2017. As the host of the Retro Convo on the When Nerds Attack podcast network, Mike Templeton is completely geeked out on Star Wars. He talks about the experience of watching The Last Jedi, Cosplay opportunities. Also, whether Martin Landau Kardashian makes a cameo in the new movie. (13:04 mark).

Thomas Fire Live Report

KEYT TV Santa Barbara Senior Reporter, John Palminteri, is affectionately known as “The King of Santa Barbara.” He is your eyes on the ground when he checks in from the middle of the Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara, CA. (47:41 mark)

Ripley’s: Believe it or Not!

Edward Meyer is the guy who travels the world looking for items to feature in museums and in books for Ripley’s: Believe it or Not! He visits to talk about the latest in the series of fascinating and wonderfully weird Annuals from Ripley’s called “Shatter Your Senses.” After you hear him talk, you will not only hear about some of the oddest finds on the planet, you will swear you can taste, smell, touch, and see them! That’s how good Meyer is at telling his stories. (29:46 mark).

Plus these stories from Phil Hulett, Gonzo Greg Spillane, Kelly Bennett and “original friend” Karlo Sy Su: Doctor who burns his name into your internal organs. Then, what is it about firefighters that gets women hot? Followed by, what’s the latest with Pot in Las Vegas? Up next, Glow in the Dark Plants. Ever wonder what you spend on take out food in your lifetime? We know exactly how much!  Ouch! Assessing Ohtani’s damaged goods. And finally, Karlo’s Super Bowl winner prediction.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

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The Ultimate Star Wars Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi photo by bawbag

Star Wars: the Last Jedi will likely not only be the biggest box office movie of 2017, it will probably be the biggest movie EVER. But how does it stack up versus the other Star Wars movies? Manny the Movie Guy offers his review. Will you agree with his assessment? Plus, Manny offers up his top ten movies of 2017. Are your favorites on the list? (Manny’s segment begins at the 39:50 mark)

Gonzo Greg Spillane, Kelly Bennett and one of the original “Friends” from 2013 join Phil Hulett for discussion and hilarity. Topics include: Holiday stress, holiday drinking and how much would you pay to have somebody else tend to your holiday responsibilities? In addition to these holiday stories, Kelly has a short list of gifts you should never give, and Phil found the perfect gift for that special someone…a personalized sex toy – with your face on it! Then there’s the doctor who prescribes more sex for a certain type of ailment.

Toast Controversy

Here’s a question for you, does the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame suck? Don’t answer that. But, do listen to the friends discuss the latest class of inductees. There’s an update on the “Mystery Pooper!” And finally, toast-cutting controversy.

One more thing, our apologies to Ireland and France!

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Siri and Alexa Take You to HR

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Siri and Alexa said what?

Are Siri and Alexa taking into consideration the current climate in the workplace? Apple and Amazon might want to have a word with their AI companions before somebody calls human resources!

In light of the massive wildfires in Southern California this week, we also have Travel Dude Gary Warner talking about how airlines and Amtrak respond in times of natural disaster.

And Becky Baines from Sirius XM’s Weird But True Radio Show talks about the latest Nat Geo Kids book, “Weird But True Christmas.”

Dave Beasing from 100.3 The Sound Co-Hosts

Joining Phil Hulett as co-hosts are Gonzo Greg Spillane and Dave Beasing, the Program Director is the former 100.3 The Sound in Los Angeles. Add these stories: Star Wars-Themed Sex Toys. The ninja who stole the sex doll. OK, that’s it for sex. Next up, the Cheapest places to live in America (would you live there?) Facebook gets even creepier. The top musical acts of 2017. The top 10 surprising actors. Even more surprising is who is NOT on the list. Are you ready for Pizza Hut to deliver beer? And finally, what can go wrong when a woman brings her service dog to a Broadway performance of “Cats?”
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Flu Shot Fail

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Flu Shot or Not?

Flu Shot: Should you bother?

Should you get or flu shot or shouldn’t you? Is the Centers for Disease Control over-hyping the flu season? Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz offers some surprising advice. In addition, Dr. Kurtz gives his opinion on the latest Shingles vaccine.

Manny the Movie Guy reviews “Just Getting Started” and predicts an Oscar performances in “Lady Bird.” Plus Manny indirectly poses the question, What’s hotter, Palm Springs or New Mexico?

Co-Hosting with Phil Hulett are Gonzo Greg Spillane and the Program Director of the late 100.3 The Sound in Los Angeles, Dave Beasing. Including in the list of stories today: Humans are done evolving. Exhaust from Viagra factory works wonders on local city. The top 10 re-tweeted tweets. Quentin Tarantino’s “Star Trek.” Worst Christmas gifts. Christmas statistics. Christmas song in a test tube. The most recorded Christmas songs. Behold the kid who gives Santa hell in a letter to the North Pole. We have a moron alert: Man cements microwave to his head. Then there’s the Smart Urinal. And finally, Steven Tyler’s home for abused girls.
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