Episode 306 – Will We Ever Be Color Blind?

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[saf] Phil Hulett, Brooke Peterson and author Lupita Samuels have a frank discussion about race, color and self-worth, including the surprising perceptions of skin color by children. Plus Manny the Movie Guy has bad news for weekend moviegoers. Gary Warner offers Spring Training travel ideas for baseball fans. Dr. Don McDonald says to stop your people pleasing. The host of …

Episode 295 Part 1 – Wine Condom

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[saf] There are all kinds of condoms, but have you heard of a wine condom? Hear all about it in this segment. Plus lady bug STD’s, Batman vs Creepy Clowns, and male birth-control shot. This bite-sized chunk of episode 295 is sponsored by Lunar Pages. Check out this episode!

Episode 295 Halloween Creepiness

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[saf] A Halloween theme on this episode with: Manny the Movie Guy offering his top 13 scary movies, Travel expert Gary Warner on haunted hotels, Julie Winterbottom is the author of the book, Frightlopedia, author Michelle Nagel talks about real life vampires. Bullies in school can be scary, self-esteem expert Kathleen Aharoni asks, is your child a bully? Plus co-host Kelly …

Episode 277 – Dads / Emojis / Survive an Active Shooter

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Jam packed show featuring guest-hosts Skylar Cuarisma and Dale Lopes. First up, the author of the book, The Survival Medicine Handbook, prepper Dr. Bones gives you tips on how to prepare for and survive an active shooter situation. Communication Consultant and author of the book, Listen to Succeed, Leslie Shore answers the question, “to Emoji or Not to Emoji.” Thomas Gagliano wrote the book, “Don’t …