Episode 312 – Turning on the lights, Tesla Style

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Wow! I can turn on a light simply by channeling ambient energy? That’s how Nicola Tesla did it, and apparently Tom Paladino can also. Listen to him talk about Scalar Energy on this episode. Plus we have, “The Accountant Beside You,” Lisa London with last minute tax tips for your home business. Manny the Movie Guy reviews “Going in Style,” …

Episode 302 Part 5 – Permaculture

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Conservation Biologist and author Jono Neiger explains what permaculture is and how you can do little things to save the planet. Plus, cat food recall, NBA free throw distraction, French authorities take extreme measures to stop bird flu. This bite-sized chunk of episode 302 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode!

Turnt Up with Hot Dogs and Shrimp

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Is that what the kids call it, “turnt up?” Our guest co-host Gonzo Greg Spillane disputes the science that says you can get hammers and gorge on fast food and still be productive at the work the next day. Speaking of turnt up, will the First Church of Cannabis get busted during its first gathering? Plus Manny the Movie Guy quakes over San Andreas, …

Women and Whiskey

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On today’s episode we explored the tastes of female whiskey drinkers with the founder of the San Francisco Women of Whiskey Group. Plus Manny the Movie Guy reviews Tomorrowland and Poltergeist. Our tech guy hates Pay Pal and the NSA. Our guest co-host, Ms. California Sande Charles compared hardware with Ms. Senior California, Dr. Gayla Kalp Jackson who dropped by with sash and crown to honor America’s …