Episode 298 Part 6 – Movember

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A representative from Movember visits to talk about raising awareness for men’s health issues. Plus Kendall Jenner leaves Instagram. Why songs get stuck in your head. Please don’t let grandma text. Air Horn Guy. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 298 is sponsored by the Dromma Bed. Check out this episodeĀ of Phil Hulett and Friends!

Episode 280 Part 4 -Medicinal Pot for Pops | Giant Hair Ball | Zika Vaccine

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It’s getting more and more common for the older generation to treat their ailments with medical marijuana. But they can’t always get what they need. Listen to the latest in this ever evolving healthcare story. On the mental healthcare side of things…find out how a grown woman got a giant hairball in her belly. And there may soon be a …

Naked Bacon Mango Storm

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As one of the largest, wettest storms bears down on California, the Friends are all over the news of the day, including controversial sex ed for students, Kim K believes God is trying to humble her, a Police Chief bridges the racial divide, a waitress gets an unbelievable tip, customers don’t report McPorn on the TVs for an hour, grandma …