Episode 288 Part 6 – Guys and Dogs

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Psychologist Chris Blazina makes the case for his research that says men make a deeper connection with dogs than with women. What? Plus a trick for ladies to relieve pain from high heels. Bob Barker irony. Medical Breakthrough for quadriplegic. This bite-sized chunk of episode 288 is sponsored by Constant Contact Check out this episode!

Episode 286 – Are Men Opting Out of Sex?

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Are men dropping out of the romance game and opting for video games and online porn? Author and talk show host Linda Gross¬†says yes and she lays the blame on women and something she calls the “rape culture.” Listen to see if you agree. Plus Dr. Janet Lintala¬†looks at a study which suggests circumcision may be a factor in autism. …

The Truth About Women

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We want the truth. You can’t handle the truth! OK, fine, then don’t listen to this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends in which Phil and Ted “Thrashpie” Prichard stumble into dangerous waters: Who lies about their relationship status in social media? What kind of a guy do women really want? And advice for men on “Mastering Women.” We need …

Sharks, Needles and Drills

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Many of the things you are frightened of are wrapped up into this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Learn what to do if you encounter a shark from “The Queen of Surfing,” Veronica Grey. Find out if acupuncture works and just how far those needles have to be pushed in order to make a difference from Licensed practitioner, Drew Nystrom. Then Dr. Howard …