Episode 268 – Chris Martin is Dead to Me

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Chris Martin and Phil Hulett

Chris Martin and Phil Hulett

Those are harsh words, but you will understand why Phil Hulett said that when you hear Chris Martin’s big announcement. Nonetheless it was a great show with some focus on money since today is April 15, 2016, “Tax Day.” We learn how to turn a $100 into $1,000,000, we get tips for saving money on college tuition, and our travel guy suggests great vacations where you can visit the money you have stored in an “off-shore” bank account. Plus Manny the Movie Guy has an important message about Jungle Book. Brooke Peterson, Kelly J, and Chris join Phil with a bunch of stories, including: The McDonalds of the future, a thought-harnessing device that helps quadriplegics move their arms and legs using only thought, a private hotel in space by 2020, real or not tax write-offs, texting in AMC theaters, Gavin Rossdale must really feel guilt over his nanny fling, and finally, the speed at which tiny particles of feces leave your body when you pass gas.


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