Episode 302 Part 4 – Too Many Laws, Hot or Not Travel

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[saf] New laws for 2017. Plus Gary Warner tells us what’s hot and what’s not in 2017 travel destinations. This bite-sized chunk of episode 302 is sponsored by eBates. Check out this episode!

Episode 268 – Chris Martin is Dead to Me

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[saf] Those are harsh words, but you will understand why Phil Hulett said that when you hear Chris Martin’s big announcement. Nonetheless it was a great show with some focus on money since today is April 15, 2016, “Tax Day.” We learn how to turn a $100 into $1,000,000, we get tips for saving money on college tuition, and our travel guy …

The Plague

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[saf] This time it’s the Bubonic Plague we have to worry about. Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz explains why there’s nothing we can do to stop it and you’d better get t a doctor fast if you get it. Plus a surprising answer to the question, “Should I get a flu shot?” Plus, what hackers are doing with your finger prints, why today’s …

Signs of the Apocalypse

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[saf] Here are a few: the tetrad of blood moons, The Pope is addressing Congress, prisoners are on Yelp complaining about steak and beer, and the Muppets have a new TV show. Plus an attorney talks about what has to be done at stadiums to keep fans from dying. And a doctor talks about the ridiculously high number of people who die …