Episode 279 – Wedding Gowns / Fireworks / Hot Dogs

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We Love America

We Love America!

On this 4th of July Weekend we celebrate summer brides, hot dogs, fireworks, movies and stuff you should really know how to do had they taught you in school. Fashion designer Rani St. Pucchi gives Phil Hulett, whose daughter is engaged to be married, a lesson on what a wedding dress costs and how to buy a dress that will flatter any body type. Plus national safety expert, Hon. Nancy Steorts talks about all the ways we injure ourselves or worse on the 4th of July. She offers tips to stay safe with fireworks, swimming pools, barbecues and cars on the holiday. Author, Bill Handwerker is the grandson of the founder of Nathan’s Famous. He wrote the book, “Nathan’s Famous, the First 100 Years” and talked hot dogs, competitive eating contests, Coney Island in the 1920’s and today and a whole lot more. Sharon Bowers is a DIY expert. She wrote the book, “The Useful Book: 201 Life Skills The Used to Teach in Home Ec & Shop.” Plus Manny the Movie Guy reviews The Legend of Tarzan, The BFG and The Purge: Election Year. Phil is joined in the studio by Dale Lopes and newcomer, Emily Harlan who fit right in with the zany crew. She added Bobby Bonilla’s great gig, Selena’s rising star, what Fred Savage put down his pants to stay cool, Scarlett Johansson’s big draw, Chipotle on crack, and way too much money for an under-performing QB. Dale asks who’s happier, couples with or without children? Michael Phelps is impervious to Zika virus, Johnny Football is a loser, cake at work, and what not to were in the office. Plus these random stories: Iggy Azalea asks, who is this guy I’m living with? Pea Salad, Nancy Grace is leaving HLN, the most popular 4th of July Songs, if Anderson East married…., the best child actors from Spielberg movies and finally, is there really a Volcano Channel on Icelandic cable TV?


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