Skinny Jeans and Dummies

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dumb high school grads

Not Prepared for College

Yes, we’re churning them out here in America: Skinny jeans and dummies. Sounds like the name of a new band…maybe Johnny Depp knows what we mean. If you listen to this episode, you will. Here’s a quick rundown of the topics on today’s show: 3 New Cosby Accusers, Straight Outta Compton, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Ted Nugent defends Donald Trump, Sorry Megyn Kelly, Unprepared High School Grads, Elvis Week, Billy Joel’s Creepy Life, Phone-Charging Skinny Jeans, Does my butt look fat in this?, HefeWheaties Beer? Tom Brady Sux, Phoenix is sinking, McDonald’s is Messing with the Quarter Pounder, He got a vasectomy why?, Interns Sue Olsen Twins, Purple Rain rain, Evil Citi Bank, Train Wreck by any other name, When Disneyland Closed, and finally, there’s a National Facial Hair Society?


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