Survivor, Tom Brady and Rap vs Beatles

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survivor worlds apart

Survivor Epic Fail?

If you are a big fan of the CBS reality TV show, Survivor, you know the show might be ruined forever because of something that happened this week. Listen to the discussion. Plus Tom Brady is in trouble now that the NFL made some conclusions about Deflategate. Which has had more influence on American popular music, rap or The Beatles? Argue among yourselves or listen to The Friends battle it out. Is the NSA approved to spy on your private stuff? Another moron spills hot coffee on himself and sues. Did you know moron, and imbecile and idiot were once acceptable terms assigned to specific ranks on the IQ scale? Writer and mom, Alice Eve Cohen talks about parent-child relationships just in time for Mothers Day. Who’s had more previous sex partners, you or your parents? Hey you, kid, wanna buy a Wendy’s? A bunch of new ridiculous words have been added to the dictionary. And finally, a Pizza Hut app saves a woman’s life.


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