Episode 299 – Energy Storage, Breast Massage, What Your Dog Understands

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[saf] Morning radio madman Gonzo Greg and Duchess Riot comedy trooper Lauren Howard Hayes join Phil Hulett for this edition of Phil Hulett and Friends. Guests include: CEO of Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas, Boris von Bormann to talk about consumer energy storage. Manny the Movie Guy predicts the winner of the best actor Oscar. Author and Physical Therapist, Marianne Ryan talks about breast massage. …

Episode 294 Part 1 – Creepy Clown Halloween

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[saf] Will you even open the door to hand out candy this Halloween? We have yet another creepy clown update. Wait a minute. Which city is the best U.S. city for trick or treaters? Huge websites get hit by denial of service attacks. Who’s behind it? Chain-smoking  monkey. And finally, the headset for dogs that translates canine thoughts into audio…in English! …

Episode 288 Part 6 – Guys and Dogs

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[saf] Psychologist Chris Blazina makes the case for his research that says men make a deeper connection with dogs than with women. What? Plus a trick for ladies to relieve pain from high heels. Bob Barker irony. Medical Breakthrough for quadriplegic. This bite-sized chunk of episode 288 is sponsored by Constant Contact Check out this episode!

Episode 281 Part 3 – Listen Like a Dog

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[saf] Phil interviews the “Dogtologist,” Jeff Lazarus, about his new book, Listen Like a Dog. We learn what there is to learn from dogs about life as a human. Plus Sklylar Cuarisma asks, “To far or not to fear the beard,”  and answers with some pretty surprising facts about neck fuzz. Phil adds the list of the funniest movie male full-frontal scenes. …