Wanna Know How Mad Men Ends?

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Don Draper - Mad Men AMC

Don Draper – Mad Men

Phil asks the co-producer of Mad Men if he knows how the show will end when the series finale airs. You will be surprised by the answer. Plus Josh Weltman talks about what it takes to seduce somebody like Don Draper can. Former Police guitarist Andy Sommers answers Phil’s question, “Will there be another Police reunion?” Our guest movie reviewer, Shira Selko says she loves her some Clint Eastwood’s shirtless son on a horse. Tech dude, Jeremy Anticouni covets a particular type of drone. At least 4 groups are outraged by Apple’s new emojis. Chris Martin warns you to cover your tomatoes. NASA’s chief scientist says we will discover alien life within a decade. Tiger Woods does OK in the first round of The Masters. What would kids rather eat? A worm or vegetables? And finally, the ten most common self-imposed drinking rules.