Paris Hilton Makes HOW Much Money?

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Paris Hilton has something to sell you

Paris Hilton: Retail Monster

Paris Hilton makes billions of dollars selling stuff like perfume and clothing…which makes us ponder the gravity of this and how beloved she is to the stuff-buying public. More stories today include the baby born without a nose, should he get a prosthetic? The Religious Freedom law in Indiana gets a makeover. Note to law enforcement, don’t let Snoop Dog take a picture with you. Your next electric vehicle might be a 1968 Mustang Fastback. The dad who pulled his son’s loose tooth by tying it to THIS. The woman who pooped in a box at K-MART. The best corporate April Fools prank ever. Would you sleep on some guy’s couch on vacation in Cuba? Uber driver drops off woman and then goes back to her house to do this. And finally….cute baby animals!


The Potty Mouth Edition

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bathroom photography

Bathroom Humor

Settle down! We talk about bathrooms with a guy who quite possibly is the only “bathroom photographer” in the world. We ask why are bathrooms embarrassing? Plus, you won’t believe what Phil Hulett wanted to know about public restrooms. And are you an over or under toilet paper roll person?  Plus you get details about the 69 classic cars that were found on a property in Southern California – they could be worth millions. Our travel guy talks bacon maple bars (say no more). 4 movie stars had tunnels from their homes to the Playboy Mansion. Can you guess who they are? Is McDonald’s finally going to serve your breakfast after 10:30 in the morning? How many women want to date their gynecologist? Now you can get night vision injected into your eyes? Shut up and behave in the movie theater, will ya? Stray dogs pay their respects to a human friend. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act has people hopped up. And finally, keep your legs crossed ladies…behold the selfie shoe.


Women be Like, What is this Show?

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women be like...

We’re Sorry, Ladies

There’s a decidedly absent female voice on today’s program. Erin Myers takes a personal day leaving duties to Phil Hulett and Chris Martin who chose to tackle all sorts of female issues. From long-term birth control to equal pay, to the biological clock and who women want to have lunch with, we’re pretty sure Phil and Chris got it all wrong. You decide. Other stories today: Is there going to be a super highway from London to New York? Mountain Dew will kill you! Racist frat boys apologize, but is it enough? Lollapalooza line-up. A stray pit bull nurses a kitten. Scientists carefully “analyze” the 400 most popular online porn videos and come up with 4 earth-shaking takeaways. Manny the Movie Guy issues a warning about this weekend’s box office offerings. Tech Dude, Jeremy Anticouni explains why Facebook wants to launch a drone to 60,000 feet. And finally, why carnies might be the key to happiness.


Dreams, Bad Texting and K-Cups

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grammar text

Please spell correctly and use punctuation.

On today’s episode we learn what our dreams mean and how to harness that creativity to enhance our lives. The trick is remembering those dreams. Dream expert Justina Lasley explains how to do it. If you lack the grammar and spelling skills to text properly, relationship reporter Ashley Papa says if you’re not careful, you’ll lead a long and lonely life. Our travel guy, Gary Warner checks in from the Pacific Northwest to talk about the wonders of the Columbia River Gorge. Find out why Germans will love Sharknado 3. Angelina Jolie has had another preemptive surgery to make sure she never gets cancer. Will tell you which lady parts she had removed this time. The people who make K-Cups finally realize how those use em and lose em plastic cups are polluting the planet, and they are doing something about it. Behold the Taco Biscuit. Erin Myers says dog germs are good for you!  What Woz says about the coming robot apocalypse. Haunted dolls bring big bucks on e-Bay. And finally, a 440 pound chocolate-peanut butter cup.