Episode 330 Part 2 – Who Do You Fight For?

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What if McGregor Wins the Fight? Photo by The Library of Congress

Fight the good fight!

The founder of a hockey-themed charity event, The Fedorin Cup, joins us to talk about the NHL Stars and the rest of the experience fans can enjoy, including Phil Hulett as emcee. Proceeds from the event benefit Hockey Fights Cancer. Plus, if you are ready to fight the hurricane season, Travel Dude Gary Warner has some discount travel opportunities for you, BUT he says be sure to read the fine print before you go. In addition to this, Phil, Paul and Kelly talk about the big Pay-Per-View fight between Mayweather and McGregor and whether boxing is ruined forever, and what will happen to the Las Vegas book-makers if McGregor pulls off an unlikely win. Then there’s the flight attendant blogger who’s upset about barefoot passengers putting their feet on the headrest of the chair in front of them. What? Add to that, Facebook can’t figure out what to do when you die. Here’s a question for you, is Apple Cider Vinegar really any good for you? We also have Lamborghini Smart Phones for Bros. And finally, we are pretty sure nobody got a sip during this week’s Intern Ricky Drinking Game.

Co-Hosts: Kelly J and Paul McCann

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Episode 330 Part 1 – National Dog Day

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National Dog Day is August 26, 2017

No, not hot dog, DOG.

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You know, Fido, Rover, Pooch! Author of the book, Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My NurseCarlyn Montes De Oro joins the friends to talk about all dogs do to enhance human life. Carlyn also offers ideas on what to feed a dog from a vegan perspective. While Phil makes an effort, sausage is not on the menu. And what does Carlyn think about the growing popularity of treating dogs with acupuncture? Plus, the unknown uses for every days items. High school dress codes, rather, who owns “sexy?” Manny the Movie Guy finds a movie worth watching this weekend and it features a reformed, mumbling vampire! Add to that, Manny also offers his Top 10 Movies of 2017 so far (and the worst). In food news: Arby’s goes big for the Game of Thrones finale. Come to think of it, didn’t GoT just do a season premiere like, two weeks ago? And, now you can get Kit Kats in this flavor just in time for October.

Co-Hosts: Kelly J and Paul McCann