Episode 298 Part 4 – Awaken Your Brain

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Sports scientist, Bob Prichard explains how to increase oxygen to the brain and why it is important. In fact, he says certain damage you’ve done to your brain could be reversed. Plus the one thing people can’t live without, and it’s not sex. This bite-sized chunk of episode 298 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode  of Phil Hulett and Friends!

Episode 293 Part 5 – Lurking Untapped Brain Power

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Bob Duke, PhD from the NPR radio show and podcast, Two Guys on Your Head, talks about how your brain works and answers pressing questions like, is America getting dumber? Plus the newly crowned North American Wife Carrying Champions check in to discuss their coming world championship bid in Finland. This bite-sized chunk of episode 293 is sponsored by the …

Episode 293 – Mmmmm Cake

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Today’s show is tasty and delicious. Let’s start with our interview with Caroline Wright, which isn’t until the segment 6 of today’s show…but worth waiting for. Her book, Cake Magic, offers up 100 recipes for cake. CAKE! Seems like enough for a show, but there is so much more, like General Contractor supreme, Steve Cederquist from HGTV’s Flip or Flop with …

Episode 280 Part 1 – Delete Your Digital Self | Injected False Memories | Buns in Space

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What if scientists could inject false memories into your brain? According to co-host, Brooke Peterson, scientists are doing this already. Hear the creepy details in this segment. Plus Brooke says it is possible to totally delete your online presence. She details the steps. Co-Host Kelly Bennett gives us a look at something NASA scientists have likely never seen up close, but were happy …