Episode 329 Part 1 – Wait, Did We Talk About Sex This Much?

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Sex dominated the conversation on today’s show. However, things got started like a nail shot out of a nail gun…right into this dude’s heart. He’s from Wisconsin, don’t you know. But don’t get up out of your chair, he wouldn’t want to put you out or anything, eh? Did gay guys ruin nude beaches for everyone? That’s what Phil Hulett thinks. Undercover cops …

Episode 298 Part 4 – Awaken Your Brain

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Sports scientist, Bob Prichard explains how to increase oxygen to the brain and why it is important. In fact, he says certain damage you’ve done to your brain could be reversed. Plus the one thing people can’t live without, and it’s not sex. This bite-sized chunk of episode 298 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode  of Phil Hulett and Friends!