Surviving a Hit to the Power Grid

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Puerto Rico gives us mainlanders a glimpse into what can happen if an earthquake, hurricane, cyber or nuclear attack took out our power grid. Former Lead Independent Networks Researcher with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and author of the book, “How to Thrive in an Uncertain World,” Dr. Robin Burk talks about the cascading effect on your daily life and …

Episode 295 Halloween Creepiness

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A Halloween theme on this episode with: Manny the Movie Guy offering his top 13 scary movies, Travel expert Gary Warner on haunted hotels, Julie Winterbottom is the author of the book, Frightlopedia, author Michelle Nagel talks about real life vampires. Bullies in school can be scary, self-esteem expert Kathleen Aharoni asks, is your child a bully? Plus co-host Kelly Bennett …

Episode 294 Part 3 – Way Too Many Movies

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Manny the Movie Guy reviews a ton of movies including Denial, Jack Reacher, American Pastoral, Ouija, and A Madea Halloween! Plus what would you do if you found a bag full of money? Keep or return? Phil learned the hard way what to do. This bite-sized chunk of episode 294 is sponsored by Aquasana.     Check out this episode!

Episode 294 Part 1 – Creepy Clown Halloween

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Will you even open the door to hand out candy this Halloween? We have yet another creepy clown update. Wait a minute. Which city is the best U.S. city for trick or treaters? Huge websites get hit by denial of service attacks. Who’s behind it? Chain-smoking  monkey. And finally, the headset for dogs that translates canine thoughts into audio…in English! This …