Safe Dating and Driving in a Driverless World

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The dating scene is rough these days. Some would say it’s unsafe. Now you can investigate your date. Expert Mary Coder explains how to do all sorts of background checking on your potential lover without becoming a stalker. Phil wonders what life will be like when driverless cars hit the road. Will they be able to react to the unexpected maneuvers by all the cars with drivers? Plus travel to baseball’s spring training camps, Paris Hilton’s boob job, jack rabbit explosion, Suge Knight, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Portland Strippers go on strike, 4th grader suspended for Lord of the Rings ring, Coca-Cola milk, FAA regulations on the moon, Bruce Jenner transforms before our eyes, Johnny Rehab, 5 ways Facebook ruins your life, Super Bowl ratings and cockroaches! 



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