Leaving a Legacy Through DNA

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DNA family tree expert, Robb Lucy explains how you can pass along the history of your life through DNA.Will you get swabbed?

Concussions and Hot Nannies

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Is it time to change our thinking about youth sports? A concussion expert explains why he believes now is the time, and he prescribes the best method for recovering from a concussion. Plus, former nanny, Florence Ann Romano warns parents to NEVER hire a hot nanny, and gives advice to nannies about what to do if daddy, or mommy, makes the moves …

Black Friday, Wine and Blonde Fruit Flies

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Today’s topics are all over the place on Phil Hulett and Friends. A college student figures out how to alter the gene make-up and traits of an entire species of fruit flies. Next stop, mosquitoes, with great benefits to humankind, but at what cost to the circle of life? Plus RetailMeNot.com’s Trae Bodge gives you tips on Black Friday and Cyber Monday …

Paris, Antibiotics and the Politics of Love

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With everybody cancelling their European travel plans because of the terror attacks in Paris this past Friday, is now actually a great time to visit Paris? Our travel guy gives an excellent historical perspective on Parisians bouncing back from adversity and why we should help them along the way. Plus Dr. Amesh Adalja  answers the question, are antibiotics effective anymore? Should Republicans …