Parents Have Ruined Kids’ Sports

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If you long for the days when kids’ sports actually meant more than a participation trophy, you are in luck.The Sports Doctor, Dr. Bob Weil has tips on surviving kids’ sports season without injury and without parents getting thrown into jail.

Episode 294 Part 4 – World Series Prediction

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Seth Gruen is the Featured Columnist for The Bleacher Report. He knows his baseball. He’s from Chicago. We’re pretty sure he objective. Listen to his prediction for the World Series. Plus Candy Crush on TV? Extremely expensive potato chips. 5 year old soccer fan apologizes to his favorite team. This bite-sized chunk of episode 294 is sponsored by Team PHAF. …

Concussions and Hot Nannies

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Is it time to change our thinking about youth sports? A concussion expert explains why he believes now is the time, and he prescribes the best method for recovering from a concussion. Plus, former nanny,¬†Florence Ann Romano¬†warns parents to NEVER hire a hot nanny, and gives advice to nannies about what to do if daddy, or mommy, makes the moves …

Sharks, Needles and Drills

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Many of the things you are frightened of are wrapped up into this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Learn what to do if you encounter a shark from “The Queen of Surfing,” Veronica Grey. Find out if acupuncture works and just how far those needles have to be pushed in order to make a difference from Licensed practitioner, Drew Nystrom. Then Dr. Howard …