The Great Hot Dog Debate

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Eric Mittenthal from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council settles the question: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Plus, 20 questions about hot dogs and sausage.

Drone Stalkers and Seedy Motels

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Who is going to keep some kid down the road from buzzing your bedroom window with a drone? Listen to this episode to find out. Tell your kid good luck cutting the mustard, there’s a more difficult SAT coming. Is it safe to stay at a motel these days? How about staying at the first “Mo-Tel?” Our travel guy has …

Is Wearable Tech Causing Cancer?

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You’ll hear from Dr. Mitch Gaynor who raises significant concern about digital devices and their cancer risk. He says the jury is still out on the risks and you should hear what else he says. Plus we talk with a Nutritionist who says to forget everything you know about gluten and lactose intolerance. Our travel guy checks in to extol …

The Lisa May Episode

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Listen to this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends to hear what Lisa May is willing to say about her sudden departure from Los Angeles radio station KROQ. Needless to say, she’s a talent and fit right in with “the Friends” and contributed stories like: Music for Cats, things that shorten your life, who’s more narcissistic – men or women?, …