Episode 289 Part 2 – How to Get Into an Elite College

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[saf] Learn how to get into an elite college with expert, Jason Ma. Check out his book, Young Leaders 3.0 in our store. Plus Facebook Messenger payments, 99 Luftballoons, Fifty Shades Darker record-breaking trailer. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 289 is sponsored by Heat and Cool. Check out this episode!

Gas, Dead Presidents and Juicing Cannabis

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[saf] It’s election day in America so we focused on what’s important: juicing marijuana in the increasing number of states where medicinal pot is legal. You hear from a tri-athlete who is completely pain free (and not high) with a juiced cannabis smoothie per day. Plus out travel guy takes us to bizarre places in California connected to former Presidents. …

Witches, Pyros and Baseball

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[saf] We start a witch hunt with a Salem Witch Trials expert, then we talk with a lady who thinks kids should start fires and do other forms of risky play so they don’t become completely useless grownups. Our travel guys talks about the remaining baseball cities and which ones are worth visiting. He said to skip on town completely….can …