Episode 323 Part 2 Dogs at Work

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In part 2 of episode 323 of Phil Hulett and Friends, word arrives on what happened to Jiggy Jaguar that has the friends worried for his welfare. Phil shops for a hybrid plug-in car. There’s a new drink called the Sour Toe and somebody stole the secret ingredient. Travel Dude Gary Warner checks in with vacation spots where you can …

Episode 296 Part 3 – Dr Strange Review

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After a confused Phil Hulett gets his bearings, Manny the Movie Guy restored relative calm to review Dr. Strange, Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge. Plus a lady figures out how to buy a house with iPhones, and the Psycho Squirrel. This bite-sized chunk of episode 296 is sponsored by Lunar Pages. Check out this episode!

Episode 276 Part 2 – Preventing Alheimer’s / How to Rip Off the Apple Store

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Author and researcher Michael Morgan pays a visit to claim there is a promising breakthrough that could prevent if not reverse Alzheimer’s Disease in most patients. Gonzo Greg Spillane describes what a guy did to steal a bunch of iPhones FROM the APPLE STORE! And Phil Hulett is pretty sure the screen on your iPhone is cracked. This bite-sized chunk of episode 276 is …