Stephen Hawking and Musk on Mars

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Space author Rod Pyle reflects on the life and amazing intellect of Stephen Hawking, who passed away this week at the age of 76. How will technology evolve over the next 5 years to benefit ALS patients, like Stephen Hawking? Pyle also weighs the likelihood Elon Musk can deliver on his plan to launch a rocket to Mars next year.

Weed Money

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Chris Martin returns to the line-up today. He and Ted “Thrashpie” Prichard learn all about investing in marijuana stocks with the Wolf of Weedstreet. Plus Gina Kloes explains how to have magical moments with loved ones IF you ditch the digital device for a while. Travel Guy Gary Warner takes us up and down the west coast on Highway 1. More stories: Amazon …

What Could Go Wrong?

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[X_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed] Scientists have decided to reanimate a prehistoric virus. What could go wrong? On today’s show, Phil Hulett is joined in the studio by Brooke Peterson, Gonzo Greg Spillane and Ted “Thrashpie” Prichard. We ask again, what could go wrong? Brooke offers the following stories: Safari Dentist goes back to work, Colbert debuts tonight, Astronauts on the ISS remotely control a robot on …

Music, Killjoys and Throttling

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What, you say?  In this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends the guy who played Jimmy Olson on Smallville is now a bad ass bounty hunter in space on SyFy. Hear what Aaron Ashmore has to say about uninhibited sex with space vixens! Our Tech Dude issues a warning to the owners of a certain smart phone, and reveals how …