Episode 296 – Legalized Marijuana

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Today on Phil Hulett and Friends First Hour: Actress Tippi Hedren on her new tell-all Memoir, “Tippi.” Manny the Movie Guy reviews Doctor Strange, Hacksaw Ridge and Trolls. Second Hour: Marijuana, pot, weed,cannabis – Legalization is on the ballot in a bunch of states. We get the pro and con sides of the argument from Pamela Epstein of FOCUS and …

Episode 291 Part 6 – Napa Valley Wine

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Bruce Cakebread of Cakebread Cellars talks about what makes Napa Valley, California wines unique and distinct. Plus pumpkin Chocolate French Fries! Naked Madonna. Extra slutty olive oil. Butterfingers proposal. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 291 is sponsored by Aqausana. Check out this episode!

Gas, Dead Presidents and Juicing Cannabis

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It’s election day in America so we focused on what’s important: juicing marijuana in the increasing number of states where medicinal pot is legal. You hear from a tri-athlete who is completely pain free (and not high) with a juiced cannabis smoothie per day. Plus out travel guy takes us to bizarre places in California connected to former Presidents. We …